Why Music?

MUSIC = Mixing Unparalleled Sounds that Instantaneously Connect

(My) Definition = Music is its own universal language that transcends any barriers, be it physical, cultural or spiritual, and speaks for and in ways which connect on levels superseding even personal depths.  For me and the type/style I have found, it has been and continues to be a guiding companion through all the ups and downs in life.  Hopefully some of the music I provide here can provide some meaning or purpose as it has for me, be it entertainment, personal, or otherwise.  Enjoy!

**Fun fact: all YouTube videos here under my Music Bites page were created and edited by me!**



One thought on “Why Music?

  1. I agree with the sentiment. Music is universal along the lines you describe, unihibited. It is a form of beauty that is “formless” neither particle or wave, at no point along the sound wave could we rationally surmise that “there” is where music lives, and neither beating upon the drums of our ears. Where may one locate the home of such beauty, that brings us to tears and joy, to reflect and act, to leap and dance from a whirling dervish to a a street dance in any major world city? The journey continues and perhaps, perhaps, as you say music is not only our companion but also that which “carries” us. Touches our Soul. Stirs it to a memory deep within of a vision it once say and can witness again. Thank you for your thought provoking reflection, so much in it.

    Posted by spiritualhuman | August 19, 2011, 7:08 PM

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