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“Yukar (ユカラ?) are Ainu sagas that form a long rich tradition of oral literature. In older periods the epics were performed by both men and women; during the 19th and early 20th centuries, when Ainu culture was in decline, women were generally the most skillful performers. Traditional tales describe floating worlds with “Ainu Mosir”, or … Continue reading


“You were a light that shone on my darkness…” “Darkness” is fifth track off of the album “Afterthought” by Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician. Just chill, relax and enjoy…all I can say about this one 🙂 Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician – Darkness


Another interim post before my next two big projects – which will be released within the next week or two, I promise! – I’ve been listening to this track much more and more often than normal.  While searching for more music by Nujabes, I also came across another great artist by the name of Emancipator.  … Continue reading

Counting Stars

So this is a little interim post between Weekend #2 and Weekend #3 of my non-Muslim fasting experience.  While walking back to my parents’ home in a quiet, little suburban town in New Jersey after a long day of being a tour guide and volunteering for iftar and tarawih services, this song came on and … Continue reading

A Small Tribute

Jun Seba, or better known by his record name as Nujabes, has left a legacy of hip-hop works of art most noted for its strong influence of cool jazz. This first track is one of his most famous works off of his album “Modal Soul” released in 2005. Nujabes – Reflection Eternal This second track … Continue reading

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