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The Desecration of Africa

The Colonization of Africa


Africa and its countries have unfortunately obtained the stereotype and first impression of being a poverty-stricken and underdeveloped country.  But if you take a closer look at history, look at how civilizations such as the Egyptians had flourished.  It wasn’t until European imperialists and colonists came to enslave the people, exploit the resources and divide their land as if all of Africa was their own that they are in their current state.  And we can’t forget to mention the numerous amounts of funding, ranging from the financial to physical support, foreign governments and governments have poured into both removing leaders who didn’t favor the foreign powers as well as putting in place those who do favor these foreign powers.  Additionally, crooked banks, which are nothing more than corporations, like the World Bank and IMF, coerce these underdeveloped nations to take these inconceivable loans, many of which, again, are run by political figures who were corruptly or unjustly put there in the first place by nations or entities who would profit the most from these ridiculous loans, at unbelievable interest rates that in reality can never be paid . So not only must these underdeveloped countries appease the source of their aid, but they also are contractually bound financially.  As such, since they can’t pay back these loans which have ridiculous interest rates – for example Zimbabwe is forced to pay the World Bank at an interest rate of $50,000 USD per hour – they then are ultimately subjected to exploitation of their resources, both natural and human.  So as @LightningJab brilliantly pointed out, the independence of a country really lies in the economic independence of that nation that truly determines its independence – that in of itself reflects the reality that colonialism is still current and widespread.  No bank or corporation is tied to any flag.  The only cloth-like thing they worship is money.

And be sure that even though the US, UN or NATO claim they’re there for “humanitarian purposes” or “relief,” think twice about the corporations who fund and lobby those politicians and officials to push for our involvement there.  Oh and they’re doing a “great job” bringing peace and stability to the lands by bombing more of their people in Somalia with their drones. Same goes for their drone bombing tactics in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq Yemen and Libya.  And I’d be willing to bet my life’s savings that they’re drone bombing plenty of other nations of which we currently don’t know.  The methods by which the government executes their operations have remained the same: utilizing an emotionally attached excuse on the surface to conduct their ruthless business behind closed doors.  It grants them unimaginable power which they exploit to the fullest.  We have seen this tactic repeated throughout history, from the communist threat to exploit Latin and South America to the now terrorist threat to exploit the Middle East, and arguably even Africa.



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