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An Israeli “March”

Picture via Getty Images

From: http://www.daylife.com/photo/0fE0gZqgLwbed?q=israel

Israelis march in show of support of their occupation- with RIFLES and PISTOLS.  A couple of things I’d like to point out here…

Firstly, how in the world is that a “march” when you gather with military-grade firearms?  I’m sure if Palestinians did that – no, even just one, single Palestinian – the whole world would crash down upon them as a mass gathering of terrorists.  Secondly, why are Palestinian freedom fighters, who are fighting for basic human rights and for the land that was taken away from them, marginalized and divided, labeled “terrorists”?  A side-note: just remember that American revolutionaries were labeled “terrorists” by the British when they were fighting for America’s freedom and independence.  So why are Palestinians labeled “terrorists” or “militants” when they’re fighting for their freedom for what was theirs before it was taken away by Britain and the UN?  Meanwhile Israelis are labeled “soldiers” just because they have a mechanized army that is financially supported by billions of our tax dollars?  Think about it…

Just because you have a nice uniform, helmet, armor and convoy of armored vehicles, that doesn’t make you any more civilized; just because you have an army, navy and air force, that doesn’t make you any more civilized or acceptable; and just because you have more financial support, that doesn’t mean you’re better because it’s ONLY that: support – it just shows how much support you NEED because of how weak you truly are without it, whether it’s to physically fund the fighters on the ground or to fund skewed and marginalized media outlets.




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