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Confidence Conference

Confidence comes from within one’s own self.  It’s unfortunate, saddening, and even scary to witness how individuals these days sacrifice their own self-image and self-worth in order to find security for themselves.  And THAT is the problem – finding security FOR themselves rather than WITH themselves.  It’s everywhere around us: just turn on the TV or tune your radio.  For example, look at all the advertisements and marketing schemes they propagate – all of which are aesthetic, from beauty and cosmetic products to clothing to accessories, none of which come from within one’s own self.  They’re all sad attempts to remedy and find securities from outside sources, but what’s even sadder is that these schemes WORK for these corporations.  Just know this: NO outside, unnatural materialistic thing can cure your inner, natural self and beauty.  Confidence is an attitude that begins with YOUrself, with how YOU view yourself and how YOU take upon life.  Self-value has lost value, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get either of them back.



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