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If you would be so kind as to spare me three minutes of your time,

To get a little taste of 63 years of suffering in Palestine…

When you see the news that they spit on the screen,

Do you even know what half that shit really means?

Now this piece isn’t intended for those who are informed,

It’s for those who are ignorant to truth the media has burned,

How can the “state” of Israel claim their aggression is self-defense,

When it has over 200 nuclear weapons at its dispense,

While flying F-16 fighter jets over their apartheid fence,

Dropping bombs on innocent children without repent,

As they oppress, repress, and discriminate against,

The Palestinian people on a brutal offense,

And waging war on a people who have no state,

Yet you act like it’s crazy terrorists fighting full of hate?

Because when they talk about Israelis fighting for “self-preservation,”

They really mean their determination to sustain their brutal regulations,

For a further degradation of a culture and civilization,

And the demonization of the people and of the Palestinian nation,

Upon unprecedentedly wrong levels of skewed marginalization,

With AIPAC pushing blind puppet politicians for racist decisions.

But let’s get some of the facts straight on how Israel was created,

By doing simple research instead of taking what the media’s instigated:

Palestinians and Jews have not been at war for centuries,

In fact they’ve lived among each other for centuries peacefully,

It was an anti-Semitic Europe that forced Jews out of their states,

At the turn of the century there were no debates,

In 1917 imperialist Britain passed the Balfour Declaration,

As Jewish immigrants poured into Palestine without hesitation,

It’s hard to blame the Jews when they were hunted down like cattle,

As Hitler rose to power and brought a global persecuting battle,

By setting up checkpoints and blocking off roads,

By preventing them from politics and obeying what they’re told,

By putting up apartheid walls and forcing them into camps,

By separating families and telling them they can’t,

By segregating them from society and casting them out,

By ridiculing and humiliating their people throughout,

By forcing them out of their homes and into the streets,

By dragging them to prisons and savagely beat,

By taking their land to further expand their race,

While torturing and killing them, never leaving a trace,

And always hiding in fear, never in the clear,

Scared to lose everyone and everything held dear,

Not just their business, lands, friends and family,

But also just the essence of their pure humanity.

All of this sounds like a damn nightmare to me,

But wait this isn’t a dream – this is the harsh reality,

Hold up, let’s take some time to recollect our minds,

This sounds ridiculously similar to the struggles of Palestine,

Don’t even trip, there’s no escape,

Netanyahu is like another Hitler inciting more hate,

Cuz when Palestine took in Jews in 1882,

Zionists knew exactly what they wanted to do,

By the 1948 Arab-Israeli War,

They raped the land like it was a whore,

And ethnically purged the people for more,

We can’t forget about the Deir Yassin Massacre,

Or the killings at Qibya if you’d prefer,

And the Sabra and the Shatila slaughter,

Don’t try telling me none of them ever occurred,

That’s like convincing you that the Holocaust is a blur,

Or that Gaza isn’t getting leveled by white phosphorous bombs,

You’d have us eating that shit outta your dirty palms,

Tryna convince us the West Bank won’t get harmed,

And what else are you trying to hide from the media,

While you incite more fear and blind hysteria,

They repeat everything the Nazis did to them,

“Exercising pressure” empowers their system,

Zionism IS Nazism in the modern day,

A fucking hypocritical twisted lie that they play,

Any type way to justify that their occupations are OK,

Or that it’s only militants they’re tryna slay,

How would you feel if you were told what the fuck to do,

When the people controlling you don’t even know you?

How would you feel if you couldn’t live on your own land,

After they ripped it from your hands,

As your racist oppressors jack up their demands?

And how would you feel if you were targeted by your religion,

As the world justifies, funds and supports their decision?

Adolf Hitler’s vision for a single-race Germany,

Is no different than what Netanyahu wants Israel to be,

A “cleansed” society with just one religion,

And only one race living in this so-called nation,

Blinded by ignorant nationalism,

Racist patriotism,

Propagated by selfish, corporate-controlled elitism.

This is dedicated to Palestine at the very least,

Who is being raped and murdered by a Western beast,

Palestine may not have any allies in the Middle East,

But this is from the Far East hoping that you find eventual peace,

One of the same kind: humankind; together as a whole,

Tonight I’ve got Palestine in my mind, truth in my heart, and peace in my soul.



4 thoughts on “naZIonism

  1. Wow wow wow,is there something you cant do? Now you are a poet xD

    Posted by isfand | September 9, 2011, 7:35 PM
  2. I must say that this poem is by far the BEST Palestine poem I’ve read! AMAZING! 10/10!!

    Posted by Anisah | September 10, 2011, 11:01 AM
  3. Thanks for making such a wonderful poem. Perfect rhyming, an amazing theme, and overall a fantastic and outstanding job. Well done! Your poem is so good that I really don’t have anything to suggest or improve on it. Brilliant job! 😀

    Posted by Ahmed Alkakkali | September 10, 2011, 1:18 PM
  4. Thank you all for your support and great comments – they all mean so much to me! 😀

    Posted by Kevin_NoVowels | September 24, 2011, 3:50 AM

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