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Confidence Conference

Confidence comes from within one’s own self.  It’s unfortunate, saddening, and even scary to witness how individuals these days sacrifice their own self-image and self-worth in order to find security for themselves.  And THAT is the problem – finding security FOR themselves rather than WITH themselves.  It’s everywhere around us: just turn on the TV … Continue reading


naZIonism If you would be so kind as to spare me three minutes of your time, To get a little taste of 63 years of suffering in Palestine… When you see the news that they spit on the screen, Do you even know what half that shit really means? Now this piece isn’t intended for … Continue reading

The Triple-C Threat: Corporate-Controlled Consumers

The Triple-C Threat: Corporate-Controlled Consumers “We have been deluded and blinded by our sense of ‘freedoms’ into thinking we know everything BECAUSE of our liberties. And THAT is what’s most worrying…” – Me You all care about Beyoncé getting pregnant, or how Jay-Z finally found his 100th problem?  All of this talk in the entertainment … Continue reading


Another interim post before my next two big projects – which will be released within the next week or two, I promise! – I’ve been listening to this track much more and more often than normal.  While searching for more music by Nujabes, I also came across another great artist by the name of Emancipator.  … Continue reading

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