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The hypocrisy in this nation makes me sick,

Like a loaded gun to your head, waiting for the click,

The truth is out there, just waiting to be heard,

But we shutter and squint and deny every word,

Society is so ignorant and blind to the facts,

To the millions of people that America attacked,

The deafening screams in Guatemala and Zaire,

That the government covered up with lies and a sneer,

The thousands of people in Nicaragua and Iran,

Who shriek from torture and all the pain that we planned,

Like an abused child who wants nothing except death,

Who can’t escape the nightmare, choking on every breath,

When Europeans sailed over, they called it immigration,

But now when Hispanics follow, we call for deportation,

How can this be: land of the free, home of the brave,

When we’ve kidnapped millions of African slaves?

Revolution will come and the masses will see,

How wrongly they’ve held their biased philosophies,

Turn off the media and read between the lines,

Expose the reality, liberate your minds.



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