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Weekend #3

Volunteering for iftar and tarawih services last weekend for the @ICNYU last weekend was in of itself such a humbling and warming experience.  The people, the support, and the lessons I received from there definitely inspired, renewed, and pushed me in a positive way to continue my non-Muslim fasting and volunteer services for this weekend.  … Continue reading

Counting Stars

So this is a little interim post between Weekend #2 and Weekend #3 of my non-Muslim fasting experience.  While walking back to my parents’ home in a quiet, little suburban town in New Jersey after a long day of being a tour guide and volunteering for iftar and tarawih services, this song came on and … Continue reading

Weekend #2

As stated before, my plan for this month/Ramadan is to continue my non-Muslim fasting on the weekends beginning Friday night into Sunday evening (although I am tempted to start Friday morning as well in order to technically make it an ENTIRE weekend – though that notion depends upon to whom you talk).  Last weekend was … Continue reading

Weekend #1

They say there’s a first time for everything, and being that I had never fasted before, I can truly say that this has so far been one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had the privilege of undertaking in my life.  One common misconception I (and apparently others?) held is people who are fasting … Continue reading

What is Israel?

Up until recently, I had in my possession general misconceptions and ultimately lack of knowledge of what the conflict between Palestine and Israel really is.  I remember asking my parents about this conflict a few weeks ago and was misinformed that they have been at war with each other for centuries (sound familiar? I’d again … Continue reading

Open Your Eyes

One of the most influential political and social activists today, Immortal Technique compares how the business world and the rap industry essentially operate in the same ways as they are both exploited by greedy corporations whose primary objective is to make a PROFIT so long as their financial costs are minimized in any and all … Continue reading

A Brief History Lesson

So I was going through my laptop and found some old documents I had researched and written a few months back.  Surprisingly enough, it is still relevant to my life now, and I thought I’d share some of this with a few, minor corrections and touch-ups here and there. Let me first start off by … Continue reading

A Small Tribute

Jun Seba, or better known by his record name as Nujabes, has left a legacy of hip-hop works of art most noted for its strong influence of cool jazz. This first track is one of his most famous works off of his album “Modal Soul” released in 2005. Nujabes – Reflection Eternal This second track … Continue reading


“It is an undeniable fact that humans by nature are greedy. We just need to control/direct our greed in the right and wisest way possible.” Now, this was something I tweeted a few days ago or so after doing a little more research on my “A Brief History Lesson” post as well as musing on … Continue reading


The hypocrisy in this nation makes me sick, Like a loaded gun to your head, waiting for the click, The truth is out there, just waiting to be heard, But we shutter and squint and deny every word, Society is so ignorant and blind to the facts, To the millions of people that America attacked, … Continue reading

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